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I am maintaining an SSIS package which extracts data from an Oracle 10g database. When the connection timed out with the error code:

Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred

I was told that I should change the sqlnet.ora or tnsnames.ora. This raises an interesting question. How can I find which ora file is being used by SSIS, other than changing them one by one until the problem goes away?

I should add that I have tnsnames.ora files in two directories that aren't named something like backup or _old



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Run tnsping.exe <address> the same way you're invoking SSIS (same environment settings, path, etc.). It will tell you where your files are located:

C:\>tnsping mydb.world

TNS Ping Utility for 64-bit Windows: Version - Production on 25-MAY-2011 11:06:14

Copyright (c) 1997, 2010, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Used parameter files:

Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
Attempting to contact (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = machinename.mycompany.com)(PORT = 1
OK (140 msec)
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Excellent. This pointed me to a sqlnet.ora, which had the line >NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH= (TNSNAMES) , apparently pointing me to the tnsnames.ora file in the same path. The actual settings shown were those in that tnsnames.ora. Thanks. –  Blanthor May 25 '11 at 15:42
Yeah, sorry I didn't explicitly mention that the sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora will be in the same directory. Glad my answer helped! –  BQ. May 25 '11 at 16:27

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