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I'm using the Solarized theme for vim (which is amazing), but the color defaults for EasyMotion are, well, downright unreadable.

When I activate EasyMotion, the leader letters are clearly visible (bright red, with Solarized Dark), but the words they key to are barely a shade different from the background (dark blue against slightly darker blue background).

How can I change this to be more readable?

SOLUTION: Edit your .vimrc file like so:

" change the default EasyMotion shading to something more readable with Solarized
hi link EasyMotionTarget ErrorMsg
hi link EasyMotionShade  Comment

A la section 4.5 in the docs for the plugin.

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The author of EasyMotion has written excellent documentation on what is possible with EasyMotion. The helptags that stand out to me are EasyMotion_do_shade and easymotion-custom-hl. These define whether or not to highlight the shaded text and how to hilight the shaded and target text.

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Ahh, I just didn't peruse the docs thoroughly enough. However, the actual configuration options specific to my question are posted in the update above. Thanks. –  neezer May 25 '11 at 19:55

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