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I want to create SQL statement (probably a stored procedure) to insert multiple rows in a database table. For the dates in one year depending on the weeks number selected.

For example: if Week number selected = 4

The sql statement should insert the new rows in database table for the current date adding 4 weeks to current date for each row as follows:

CompanyID  DateStart                  ServiceType

101       todayDate                     0091
101       TodayDate + 4weeks            0091
101       TodayDate + 8weeks            0091
101       TodayDate + 12weeks           0091
.               .                          .
.               .                          .
.               .                          .
101       TodayDate + #weeks            0091
            (until this yearEnd only)

** Please NOTE:

1. Before the above script is executed I want to check if there are any records in the same database table for previous year for the company (#101) the serviceType (#0091). If any records exists I want to delete those records.

2. I also want to make sure if for the service type (#0091) for the company(101) already exists in the current year, then I should not insert the new rows in the database table.

Thank you so much for your help for taking time and understanding my question to produce appropriate result.

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Are you on SQL Server 2005 or 2008 ?? You have both tags..... –  marc_s May 25 '11 at 15:32
I am on SQL server 2005 –  desi May 25 '11 at 15:33
OK - removed the SQL Server 2008 tag .... –  marc_s May 25 '11 at 15:36
Hi Marc_S Excellent and very simple to the point. I was thinking I might need to write big query for this logic to implement. I just want to make sure can I write insert satement before the 'Select' stament is executed. Thanks a lot –  desi May 25 '11 at 16:28

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You could try something like this to generate the rows to be inserted:


;WITH DatesToInsert AS
        101 AS 'CompanyID',
        GETDATE() AS 'TodayDate', 
        '0091' AS 'ServiceType'


        101 AS 'CompanyID',
        DATEADD(WEEK, 4, dti.TodayDate) AS 'TodayDate', 
        '0091' AS 'ServiceType'
        DatesToInsert dti
        YEAR(DATEADD(WEEK, 4, dti.TodayDate)) = @CurrentYear
SELECT * FROM DatesToInsert

From that CTE (Common Table Expression), you can insert values into a table and check all the other requirements you have. And of course, you can make the number 4 in the DATEADD call configurable, e.g. as the parameter of a stored proc that contains this CTE to handle the inserts.

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