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I have this idea to try to use a custom IMPORT attribute to new up a class based on a condition. For example, if I have:

[Import("Position_32")] this should exist if I'm running a 32bit OS, and then:

[Import("Position_64")] if Im running a 64 bit OS. Is there any way to make the type name for the attribute dynamic based on a condition?

Conceptually it could look like this:

[Import(((IsWIN64()) ? "Position_64" : "Position_32"))] This doesn't work because the type name needs to be a constant.

I want to make the newing up of the proper position class as transparent as possible. I mean I did a factory based method using funcs to get my desired effect but I'd love to use MEF for this. Ideas?

THanks much,


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You could use ExportMetadataAttribute like so:

[ExportMetadata("Platform", "32bit")]
public YourType ...

Then, when you go to import, use:

 public Lazy<YourType,IDictionary<string,object>>[] Positions { get; set; }

You can then check the Dictionary for the appropriate metadata, and use that specific platform, at runtime.

In addition, you can make a custom interface for strongly typed metadata (instead of strings). For details, see Exports and Metadata.

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Nice. Ill have a look at these. Thanks so much –  David Whitten May 25 '11 at 16:30

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