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I have a UIButton that responds to a TouchUpInside event. Inside this event handler, I want to bring up the keyboard and allow the user to edit the text of the button. I have tried to set editing to YES as shown below, but this gives an unrecognized selector message...

    [sender setEditing:YES];

Is there a way to edit text if the sender is a UIButton?

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best set a text field over the button ( a borderless one) - and then [self.myVeryOwnButton setTitle:@"something" forControlState:UIControlStateNormal];

something of that nature.

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and you will get unrecognised selector because you are trying to call 'setEditing' on a uibutton – theiOSDude May 25 '11 at 16:13
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I ended up creating a UITextField with the same frame as the button.

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