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I'd like to find an empty organisation element where it is not the immediate child of a parentProblem element.

Like so..

select * from Audit.PatientAudit pa
where pa.BeforeXml.exist('//*:organisation[not(../*:parentProblem)]') = 1

But it doesn't seem to work, any ideas?

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declare @T table(BeforeXml xml)

insert into @T values
      <organisation ID="1"/>

select *
from @T pa
where pa.BeforeXml.exist('//organisation[local-name(..)!="parentProblem" and count(@*)=0]') = 1
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+1 @Mikael Eriksson - Cheers but I worded my question slightly wrong. All the organsisation elements are empty but I want to find elements where there are no attributes! I know what attributes their are (only two) so I can explicitly check for there abscense with not(@guid) for example, but for completeness, is there a nicer way? –  Dog Ears May 26 '11 at 9:05
@Dog Ears - Updated answer. Did I understand you correctly, only rows with 0 attributes? –  Mikael Eriksson May 26 '11 at 10:26

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