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Is it possible to create a single facebook app (iframe) that can be used to have 2 or more different tabs on a business page? I have not been able to see how to do this and it seem wrong to me to have to have multiple appID's and apps just for a second tab..

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I was just abouts to ask the same and stumble across your question. – Neil Knight Sep 19 '11 at 9:33

Yes, you can!

You just need to install the app in different pages. I did my apps with the PHP SDK. You can show different options depending on:

  • User like: $like_status (yes/no)
  • Facebook page ID: $page_id (some pages load some content, some others don't)
  • Language/locale: $locale (en_UK, en_US, es_ES, es_LT, de_DE, ...)
  • Country: $country
  • Page admin: $page_admin

More info:

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I've already seen a lot of the "welcome tab" and custom iframe tab applications have multiple apps with the additional ones called "2nd tab", "3rd tab", etc. So, I think each application can only add one tab to a page.

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