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I have a remote service running which all seems fine (except for a few bugs I've added for fun but nothing too serious), however I can't seem to see any Log.i, Log.w, Log,e output in the LogCat view from this service? I know it's running as I can debug it via DDMS and I can see LogCat entries for my activities, just not this service.

Am I missing something obvious here or any pointers how else I could find this?

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Never did find a solution to this so settled on just attaching the debugger via the DDMS window and single stepping it all... more painful than it needed to be but did the trick. I've since put a debug log wrapper around it all so can just cache this myself and pipe it out some other way but would really be good if the tools could do this out of the box. I'm sure it's more user error than anything else as I can't believe others writing remote services haven't encountered this. –  sradforth Jun 30 '11 at 22:08

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