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I am looking to buy large nfc forum type 2 tags. At least 512 bytes, but preferably the largest 2040 byte tags that are theoretically possible according to the Nfc Forum Tag Type 2 specification. Does anybody know where I can purchase these large tags?

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I'd suggest buying a Mifare Classic 4K tag or sticker.

Search for "Mifare 4K" on Google. Any contactless card or sticker you find should work, at least for testing purposes.

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I am building a reader to read all four of the nfc forum tag types. I want to test my reader with the maximum tag size to make sure it works properly. As far as I know the Mifare Classic 4K is not compatible with the Type 2 tag type so it won't help me to test my type 2 reader code. –  hendrik May 26 '11 at 13:53
Is it a software (android?) reader or hardware? If software, maybe you can fire off a fake or emulated tag that follows type 2 with extended data? Does't help if you're creating a hardware reader of course. –  MakeSomething May 26 '11 at 19:00

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