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I would like some advice on how to tackle paging and sorting through large amounts of data.

At the moment, I retrieve all our user data and stick it in a listbox. This is great for now, but when we have 100 000 users, I don't want to populate a listbox with 100 000 users, nor have a collection on the server with 100 000 users on it.

What would you recommend is a good approach to do this?

Should I keep a ConnectedRecordset and pass that to the Listbox. Does ZK have the capability to manage the data and the connection?

~ OR ~

Would it be better to manually look for page events, and repopulate the listbox with the second set of data, only pulling say 10 rows at a time?

Also, when I want to allow a user to sort by a column, then surely one needs to requery the data from the database.

What is the correct way to challenge this? Please offer advice or links to articles.



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You can take a look at the tutorial of Sorting huge data using ZK and Handling huge data using ZK

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