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I am using a discriminator for logging in different file. Based on the thread name. It usually give good result, except for the quartz job that are all logger in file with name like :


I would like to have a file that is the name of the quartz job (on something base on it) to be able to quickly find which file contains the logs for a job. Is there a way ask quartz if the current thread is associated with a job?


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Finally, I resolve it by manually indicating with slf4j MDC

at the beginning of the task, I do

try {
    MDC.put(MDC_KEY, getTaskName());

and at the end

    finally {

So I just need to check the key in MDC to know if I am inside a task.

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MDC is a good solution.Thanks. – happyyangyuan Jun 1 at 6:35

Your approach implies you have to change code for all job classes (or inherit from base job class). However, there is alternative approach which is compatible with jobs whose code is not available for changing.

You can create job listener which changes thread name during execution (as at my example below) or sets MDC (as at your example) and register it via Scheduler.addJobListener() or configure via Spring.

public class RenameThreadWhenJobRunning extends JobListenerSupport {
     * Must provide two groups - for name and for number
    private String parsingPattern = "^(.+)_Worker-(\\d+)$";

     * {0} - Original full name (e.q. XXX_Worker-NN)
     * {1} - XXX - original thread name
     * {2} - NN - original worker number
     * {3} - Job key (e.g. JobGroup.JobName)
     * {4} - Job group
     * {5} - Job name
    private String format = "{5}-Qz{2}";

    public void setParsingPattern(String parsingPattern) {
        this.parsingPattern = parsingPattern;

    public void setFormat(String format) {
        this.format = format;

    public String getName() {
        return RenameThreadWhenJobRunning.class.getSimpleName();

    public void jobToBeExecuted(JobExecutionContext context) {
        final String originalThreadName = currentThread().getName();
        final Matcher matcher = Pattern.compile(parsingPattern).matcher(originalThreadName);
        if (matcher.matches()) {
            final JobKey key = context.getJobDetail().getKey();
            context.put(getOriginalThreadNameContextParameter(), originalThreadName);

    public void jobWasExecuted(JobExecutionContext context, JobExecutionException jobException) {
        Object originalThreadName = context.get(getOriginalThreadNameContextParameter());
        if (originalThreadName instanceof String) {

    String getOriginalThreadNameContextParameter() {
        return getName()+".originalThreadName";

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