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There is tons of documentation about the millions of widgets and views and wonderful features one can use to determine the screen display using .xml or dynamic methods.

But I can't find a good SUMMARY of what one might do should one want to CHANGE the display within an activity. I've read about calling invalidate() on different things and calling setContentView with a different layout, but I can't find the rules.

Perhaps I was staring at them...I don't know.
I would be grateful for any guidance.

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You could use a viewflipper for the purpose. UI design suggestions for Display and Switching between Multiple Layouts

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Thanks...I knew about viewflip, more or less, but I was missing the details in your example. What about making views invisible? Or calling invalidate() on a view? or calling setContentView again? I'm wondering how those work, but I can't find a good explanation. Thanks so much in advance, I know no fellow droids, and its hard to get answers. – datavid May 25 '11 at 18:32

to change the layout of your activity , you can use the method setContentView(R.layout.id_layout);

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