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I have a Silverlight/ASP hosted app. When I start, I get the error:

HttpException occurred

File does not exist.

This just started happening yesterday, and I have no idea why. It's not even getting to my code, just internal calls starting with WebHost.Host.ProcessRequest.

Running VS2010, the app is .NET 4.0

I would appreciate any help- I have real bugs to fix ASAP!

Cheers, Daniel

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Got it, and here's how:

Run the app and immediately get the error

Turned on Call Stack Window (Debug->Windows->Call Stack)

Top of the stack is a call to System.Web.StaticFileHandler.GetFileInfo

Went to Locals Window (Debug->Windows->Locals) did not see anything meaningful there

Went up the stack once to ProcessRequestInternal

Looked in Locals Window, opened up variable called "context" browsed through properties... in ConfigurationPath I see a path to a file: /ClientBin/Images/pclogo.png

Sure enough, that image file not there!

Copy the file, and all is well. Whew!

Next just need to fix the project by making sure the image is treated as content. Still, such a slog to find an obvious and common error.

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+1 for helping troubleshoot, though it didn't work for me. I find it beyond amazing that when they throw this error, they don't put the filename in any form into the exception message. –  Mike K Aug 19 '14 at 16:32

I fixed the issue by looking at Daniel Williams solution. In my case it was looking for faviicon.ico This is when I debug using Chrome.

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In addition to what Daniel wrote, (which worked for me), since my SL4 app doesn't require ASP.NET, I simply unchecked the ASP.NET debugger from within the web app. The light bulb went off after realizing that SL4 doesn't support .ico files.

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Worked for me, on a SL5 app without ASP.NET. I did however +1 Daniel's answer for sheer complexity! –  Dr. ABT Mar 8 '13 at 11:23

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