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I've followed the directions in Installing MacPorts.

To install MacPorts using the pkg installer. The installation apparently goes fine. For example, it goes through the multi-step process eventually saying "Installation Successful" or something to this effect.

And now there's just the "little" problem that neither of these commands work:

man ports

which ports

I've checked in /usr/local, /bin, and /usr/bin, and I don't see where this has been installed to. Ideas?

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Read your linked page again? Especially the part where it tells you it defaults to installing in /opt/local/ –  Wooble May 25 '11 at 18:32

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They're in /opt/local/bin, so as to not overwrite stuff that came with Mac OS X or that you might have gotten from elsewhere. They won't be in your $PATH until you close that Terminal and open another (nothing can alter the environment of a running program except the program itself).

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It's in /opt/local/bin. MacPorts updates .bash_profile to include this in the path, but obviously existing shells don't see the updated PATH variable...

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It's probably because you're trying ports but the command is called port: See http://guide.macports.org/#using.port

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