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Is it possible to LIKE a Facebook Page via the API?

How can I make a user who has granted facebook permission for my application to programmability make him like a specific facebook page on his behalf ? C# MVC code

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This question gets asked weekly here and is a duplicate of a lot of questions, such as this one. You cannot force a user to like a page through any code in any language on any platform. The only way a user can like your page is 1) going to your facebook page and clicking "Like", or 2) clicking on a "Like" button that you embed via an iframe or xfbml code on your page, as documented here. Technically option 3) is to prompt the user for their username and password and scrape the facebook site by posting with the users credentials to facebooks like url. This is a fast way to get your app/page kicked off of facebook though as it violates their TOS.

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Facebook does not offer write permission to like something on a user's behalf. Currently you can ask for write permissions to: post to a user's wall, create an event, RSVP for an event, send the user SMS messages, perform a checkin and create/edit friend lists.

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