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New to jQuery.

I have the following html:

  <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/upload/" method="post"> 
      <div class="field"> 
          <label for="id_profile_pic">Profile Pic</label> 
          <input type="file" name="profile_pic" id="id_profile_pic" /> 

      <span>Profile Picture</span> 
      <img src="/site_media/profile_pic/4e17c792-3c34-4556-8c67-135bc931eb5a.jpg"/> 
      <input type="button" value="Upload" id="upload_button" /> 

And I need help with the selector in the following function

  $('#upload_button').click(function() {
    //how can I select the file input element (ie. #id_profile_pic) here? 


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What do you mean saying "select"? Focus on this element? Or open a select file dialog? – silex May 25 '11 at 19:04

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You could target that element just as you targeted the first in your initial selector:


Was there something more you were intending to do with this?

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Why do you need to select that element? You would do it with $('#id_profile_pic') but shouldn't you just be submitting the form so it actually uploads?

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$('#upload_button').click(function() {
    // to select it here you just need


if you want to select all the pictures in the form you can use:

$('#upload_button').click(function() {


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You should do it the exact same way: with a hash (#):

$('#upload_button').click(function() {
    var fileUploadPic = $('#id_profile_pic');

    var value = fileUploadPic.val();
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This will do it too:

  var file = $(this).closest('form').find('input[type=file]') ;
  return ;
} ;

This will find the file control(s) in the form being posted, regardless of markup structure (and without needed to know the control ID).

TMTOWTDI, as the perl monks say.

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