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My sending messages may be larger than the default socket buffer size. So there may be several read operations in order to receive a complete message. When the end condition is

n = socket.read(rbuf);  
if(n==0) || (n==-1) 

The exception of partial message still exists. Is any good way to solve this problem. Thanks

I use multiple processes running on one machine. Each process uses a nio socket. Is this a possible factor to cause the partial messages?

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0 is a valid return value for read, which does not indicate the end of the channel. -1 indicates the end of the channel. So if you end the reading when 0 is returned, you'll get partial messages.

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I solve the problem by first buffer the message to be complete. The complete condition is the end characters are met. –  susan Jun 1 '11 at 14:17

I would suggest using Netty which is built on top of Java's NIO classes but gives you a (in my opinion) much more usable API than the Java JDK NIO classes.

To solve your problem you would use a ReplayingDecoder and Netty will simply call your stream (ChannelBuffer) decoder again and again until you've got enough data to make sense of it.

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How hard to transfer from Java JDK NIO classes to Netty? Is there any example? –  susan May 25 '11 at 20:47
It really depends on how much NIO code you've got. Netty is MUCH easier than Java's NIO (IMHO) so using it is quicker (i find). However, obviously if you have a massive amount of Java NIO code this may be impractical in the short term. Perhaps implement a new feature in Netty alongside your existing code and see if it works for you. –  alpian May 25 '11 at 22:39

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