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in adobe flash media server 4.0, how can I programmatically attached the path to the recorded file which is played by a client. e.g.,

in client side, ("myrecordedfile.flv")

how to redirect the playing to the file under e.g., c:\my_dynamic_file_path.

note that, the file path is changable based on the client's login name.


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I am not sure if the below is a good solution or not,

in client side:
("myrecordedfile.flv"); ("playStream", null, "myrecordedfile.flv", username);

in flash media server side,

Client.prototype.playStream = function
(streamname, username) {

   var s = Stream.get (streamname);   
var file = username + "\" +
streamname; (file, 0, -1); 
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