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Solr (via Lucene) supports different ways to indicate the way a field is indexed in a document: indexed, tokenized, stored,...

I'm looking for a way to have fields that are stored in Solr but are not indexed. Is there a way to achieve that in Sunspot?

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Sunspot's configuration DSL supports an option of :stored => true for many of its default types. For the example of the stored string, it would be much simpler than my first example:

searchable do
  string :name, :stored => true

This generates a field name of name_ss corresponding to the following dynamicField already present in Sunspot's standard schema:

<dynamicField name="*_ss" stored="true" type="string" multiValued="false" indexed="true"/>

You can also create your own custom field or dynamicField in your schema.xml to be stored but not indexed, and then use the Sunspot 1.2 :as option to specify a corresponding field name.

For example, a more verbose version of the above. In your schema:

<dynamicField name="*_stored_string" type="string" indexed="false" stored="true" />

And in your model:

searchable do
  string :name, :as => 'name_stored_string'
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You can try :


And read with xpath or regex those fields with schema attribute value:

<str name="I">Indexed</str>
<str name="T">Tokenized</str>
<str name="S">Stored</str>

You will get something like:

<lst name="field">
<str name="type">stringGeneralType</str>
<str name="schema">--SM---------</str>
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That will tell me if a field is stored/indexed or not. But is not a way to tell Solr about the field storage attributes. Or am I missing something here? –  Khash May 27 '11 at 18:38

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