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I'm beginner on Android applications. I followed the steps in tutorial and prepared development environment on Vista (Eclipse Helios + Android SDK 12 + JDK6).

I created a minimal AVD with 32mb SD card and 128mb ram, enable snapshot. and set current AVD in run configurations of application as automatically.

Emulator is extremely slow and CPU usage 100% shared by eclipse and emulator, memory consume is also in limit.

Do you have any suggestion to optimize it? It's my first step in development android app, and i don't want to be discouraged.

Thanks a lot, Semanur

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The emulator can be a resource hog. It is much smoother if you run it on an actual Android device. –  Haphazard May 25 '11 at 20:35

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Emulators use significant resources but with a medium computer it should run ok. Try creating a new emulator instance with default settings, HVGA and no snapshot and no sd card. Use android 2.2 for this test.

This one should run pretty smoothly on a medium computer.

Let us know the results.

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As everyone else has stated, the emulator is terrible for testing. I'd suggest debugging on a device, even if that means only being able to test one API and screen size.

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Launching from a snapshot is also a way of cutting the loading time and resource load on the CPU. I found it to still take a considerate amount of time still, but it is less than half of what it took before.

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You can use Bluestacks App player or Youwave For Android. These emulators are a lot faster than the eclipse emulator. You will find that they are almost like running your application on a real phone.

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