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From this method :- (BOOL)peoplePickerNavigationController:(ABPeoplePickerNavigationController *)peoplePicker shouldContinueAfterSelectingPerson:(ABRecordRef)person

How I can get the full street address + city + country and zipcode...


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From the Apple documentation:

ABRecordCopyValue Returns the value of a record property.

CFTypeRef ABRecordCopyValue (
   ABRecordRef record,
   ABPropertyID property



The record containing the property in question.


The property of record whose value is being returned. See properties in “Constants” in ABPerson Reference and “Constants” in ABGroup Reference.

Return Value

The value of property in record.

So you would just ask your ABRecord for the specific properties and you should be fine!

  • const ABPropertyID kABPersonAddressProperty;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressStreetKey;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressCityKey;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressStateKey;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressZIPKey;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressCountryKey;
  • const CFStringRef kABPersonAddressCountryCodeKey;
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Thanks Julian, it work correctly! –  Maxime Aug 17 '11 at 14:44

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