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Java Books for C++ developer?


I'm already writing in C++ and now I need to learn Java. Are there any books able to help me with that? Preferrably < 1500 pages like all java books.

Thank you.

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The biggest hurdle in moving from C++ to Java is the lack of language features which in C++ are important but in Java is abstracted away and you don't need to worry about. e.g. like how to a destroy an object or get the sizeof an object. In Java you generally don't need to worry about these things. –  Peter Lawrey May 26 '11 at 6:27

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Don't be intimidated by a books length. Many parts of the book you either won't need right away, or won't need to use ever.

Head First Java was a good book if I remember correctly. Just start at the beginning and slowly work your way through.

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