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    Anfallare.armees = 10;
    Forsvarare.armees = 10;


    MotVarandra(Anfallare, Forsvarare);

    status(Anfallare, Forsvarare);

    }while(Anfallare.armees == 0 || Forsvarare.armees == 0);

is what I have, I tried also a

 System.out.println(Anfallare.armees + " :: " + Forsvarare.armees);

after this do while and it is 9 and 10, neither of them are 0.

Why does it run this once?

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while(Anfallare.armees == 0 || Forsvarare.armees == 0)

Means continue only if Anfallare.armees == 0 || Forsvarare.armees == 0. In your example, neither is 0 so it will not loop.

while(Anfallare.armees != 0 && Forsvarare.armees != 0)

Means, stop looping if either are zero (Anfallare.armees != 0 && Forsvarare.armees != 0)

You may actually be wanting:

while (Anfallare.armees != 0 || Forsvarare.armees != 0)

means, stop looping if both are 0

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Because, as you point out, after the first run, Anfallare.armees is 9, which does not equal 0, and Forsvarare.armees is 10, which is not equal to 0.

Perhaps you meant

while(Anfallare.armees != 0 && Forsvarare.armees != 0)
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You need to do

while(Anfallare.armees != 0 || Forsvarare.armees != 0);

To make it loop until both of those variables are 0

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Because you start as do{}, which forces to execute at least once the code, and then you have while x==0, which is not true. Since it is not true, the loop ends.

As you see in the other answers, you may need to check for x != 0 (not equal to), or even better x>0 (in the event x could take a negative number)

Take some time to read the Oracle's Java tutorials I linked in the other answer to you. It explains the loop logic very well.

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If I understand you correctly, your do-while loop body is executed once, but you think it shouldn't have run at all - is this correct?

The reason is, in do-while the loop condition is checked only after the loop body is executed. I.e. it will always run at least once.

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It's hard to tell without the complete code, but it may be that you just need to invert the condition:

}while(!(Anfallare.armees == 0 || Forsvarare.armees == 0));
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You condition says ... as long as one of them is 0. What you'll want is this:

while(Anfallare.armees > 0 || Forsvarare.armees > 0);
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the reason is simple

while loops when the expression is true.

so what you want is

while(Anfallare.armees != 0 || Forsvarare.armees != 0);

but even better I would suggest

while(Anfallare.armees > 0 || Forsvarare.armees > 0);

this would allow you to be sure that your armee count never gets negative ^^


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