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I have a project in XCode 4 using subversion over ssh. It's configured with the branches, tags and trunk subdirectories and my project (let's say ProjectOne) is its own directory in trunk like so:

 | \- ProjectOne

I have the relative paths to the three directories configured in XCode like so:

Trunk : trunk Branches : branches Tags : tags

And all three have a green 'light' next to them. I have created a branch for my project called ProjectOneBeta using the organiser, the svn tree now has this structure:

 | \-ProjectOne

If I checkout the project (with trunk/ProjectOne selected) it will check out by creating it's own directory in my Objective-C directory. When I go to switch a branch the structure gets all screwy though. It then becomes:


Can anyone help? Have I checked in the code incorrectly initially? Should there not have been that initial subdirectory in trunk? Am I checking it out wrong? Or do I simply have the relative paths set incorrectly despite the green?

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I concluded that the configuration was correct but the initial checkin was wrong. I moved all the stuff up one level so the code & project was just in 'trunk'. Works fine now I just have to remember to check out to a named directory.

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