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I am trying to solve a distributed computing architecture problem. Here is the scenario.

Users come to my website and registers. As a part of the registration process they get a subdomain. For example,

Now each users website is located/replicated on a one or more cluster nodes using some arbitrary scheme.

When the user request comes in (HTTP request via browser) , appropriate subdomain must be redirected to the matching cluster node. Essentially, I want my own dynamic domain name. I need to implement it in a fast and efficient way.

I've a java based web application which runs inside a Jetty7 container.



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This definitely should be implemented outside of your application. Your Web application should be, as much as possible, agnostic from the way that requests get balanced in a cluster. The best performance you would get would be with hardware load balancers this one for example.

If you want to go for software based balancing I would configure Apache to serve as entry point and balance the traffic for your cluster with something like mod_proxy. See this tutorial that refers to Jetty.

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I just stumbled across [Apache Traffic Server] ( Looks like an industrial strength server for doing reverse proxying. – user766453 May 25 '11 at 22:54
yes ! good catch ! – msalvadores May 25 '11 at 22:56

have you taken a look at Nginx?Nginx may be more than your needs but it does effective job of routing subdomains to particular nodes.

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