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I'm new to objective c & c. I'm trying to use this random generator c library in an objective c program. My understanding is that objective c is a strict superset of c so this should be possible.

My code compiles and runs but I get a lot of warnings.

  • warning: implicit declaration of function 'mt_seed32'
  • warning: implicit declaration of function 'mt_lrand'
  • warning: Semantic Issue: Implicit declaration of function 'mt_seed32' is invalid in C99
  • warning: Semantic Issue: Implicit declaration of function 'mt_lrand' is invalid in C99
  • warning: Semantic Issue: Incompatible integer to pointer conversion initializing uint32_t * (aka unsigned int *) with an expression of type int

I have not imported the C header file to the objective c class - it just finds it. If I import it I get duplicate method errors.

C library header file:

extern void     mt_seed32(uint32_t seed);

extern uint32_t     mt_lrand(void); 

Code to call it: [I've tried calling it with [self method()] but that crashes


uint32_t *i = mt_lrand();

Can anyone tell me how too get rid of these warnings?

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You get the warnings because you haven’t included the C header file that declares those functions. Can you post the error messages you get when you include the header file? –  Bavarious May 25 '11 at 21:49
If I add #include "RandomGenerator.h" to the top of the file I get this error: ld: duplicate symbol _mts_lrand –  andy boot May 25 '11 at 22:44

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The last compiler error happens because mt_lrand(); returns an int, not a pointer to an int. Therefore, the last line should be

uint32_t i = mt_lrand();

All the other errors are due to the fact that you did not #include the library header. Could you please post the errors that occur when you do include the library header?

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my bad on declaring it to be a pointer not an int. - thanks –  andy boot May 25 '11 at 22:59

Messages such as implicit declaration of function 'mt_seed32' usually pop up, when you use a function before it was defined. See example.

void foo() {
    //do stuff
    bar(); //call bar that was declared later

void bar() {

This may happen if you forgot to include the header file, or you included it after you used functions declared in that header file. Another fix is to declare a function prototype before usage.

Also you assign your random number to a pointer to uint32_t. Is this what you really want? If not, then you must remove * from your declaration: uint32_t i = mt_lrand();

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Was able to fix my problem by changing file type from '.m' to '.mm'. This causes the compiler to use obj c++ not obj c. It removes the warnings but I'm not sure if I've fixed the underlying issues

Solution – Duplicate Symbol

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That fixes the problem because C++ treats inline functions differently. From a very brief glance, the underlying cause seems to be how the various compatibility macros for inline/extern keywords and for the location of the actual function definitions (MT_INLINE/MT_EXTERN/MT_GENERATE_CODE_IN_HEADER) are set up in this library. –  puzzle May 26 '11 at 0:19

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