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I'm trying to use oEmbed in my website. I need to use large images (at least 700px wide).

I try to use this code:


But the image returned is less than 700px wide...


Is there a way to force flickr to return larger images?

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We have corrected this issue and now Flickr oembed call will return higher resolution images (up to 1024px in biggest dimension).

-flickr staff

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Seems to be a internal flickr restriction. At least I already saw this discussion inside the flickr api group one year ago and there was no answer: http://www.flickr.com/groups/api/discuss/72157623040761625/

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great to see that flickr fixed that restriction in the latest api revision –  sav Oct 5 '11 at 18:05
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Are those images larger than 700px on Flickr? Any chance you could use the PHP API? (http://phpflickr.com/)

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yeah, the image is definitely larger than 700px. I'm using django-oembed, so i'm bound to this... –  majdal May 26 '11 at 2:27
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