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Table :

create table examp (
  ID   integer,
  val1 timestamp,
  val2 timestamp,
  primary key(ID)

insert into examp (ID,val1,val2) values (1,'2011/5/26 10:00:00','2011/5/26 14:00:00');
insert into examp (ID,val1,val2) values (2,'2011/5/26 14:00:00','2011/5/25 14:00:00');

Now I want to know the difference of two time stamps in Hours> I tried:

 SELECT EXTRACT(hour FROM AGE(val1,val2)) 
   FROM examp 
  WHERE id = 2 

...but that gives me 0!

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You are extracting the hour component, not the number of hours. Since the timestamp is 24 hours apart, the difference of the hour field is indeed zero.

Presumably you can extract days * 24 + extract hours to get the information you want. As long as it isn't months or years apart... You could also convert to epoch and then / 3600.

select extract(epoch from age(val1,val2))/3600 from examp where id=2;
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thanks, but how can i do it so it would give me the difference in number of hours. so for above extraction i want something to give result as 24. – keren May 26 '11 at 1:32
@keren: Check again, I edited to provide an example. – Seth Robertson May 26 '11 at 1:33
works awsome :) thank you for your help and explanation. – keren May 26 '11 at 1:39

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