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I know there is a JSON gem out there for easily using JSON in Ruby.

My reasons for the following weird situation are rather messy, so I will just tell you my problem:

I got the JSON gem installed (bunch of folders like "pure" "add" and files with formats "rb" "XPM"). And I got a Ruby "editor" open.

What I need is to "copy & paste" all the "code" that basically lets me run JSON into my editor. Like if I had written all the JSON code manually in my plain editor.

I assumed that I should just open every file from the JSON folder and copy the contents to my editor. But I am not sure about the "XPM" files...

Now, the reason I have this extremely weird scenario (instead of actually using a gem or other easier methods), is rather special. So let's just focus on this little weird situation, thanks ;D.

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XPM is an image format. I'm not sure why there are images mixed in with the source code, but the main parsing code appears to be in lib/json/pure/parser.rb. – hammar May 26 '11 at 3:40
Perhaps we should focus on why you have this extremely weird scenario instead. I guess you should in theory be able to copy all of the code into a single RB. But frankly you will probably run into a few problems and there is also probably a much better way to achieve what you want. – Arelius May 26 '11 at 4:38
So in theory, that parser.rb file is all I need to read JSON files in Ruby? Also, I see it requires a "strscan" thing... is the source code for such also found online? (yeah, for this project, let's also say I can't use the 'require method' for... special reasons) – Voldemort May 26 '11 at 4:42

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