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My program creates a minidump when it gets upset and in the dump we're 'supposedly' creating a user comment stream. I say supposedly, since I can't verify it.

Can anyone tell me the magic WinDbg command to see a comment stream stored inside a MINIDUMP_USER_STREAM_INFORMATION?

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dumpchk.exe, in debugging tools folder, will dump all streams of a dump.

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Visual Studio 2010 SP1 (Premium) does not show the comment. Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (Premium) does also not show the comment.

When opening the dump in WinDbg, it will show the comment almost at the top:

Line 1: WinDbg version
Line 2: Copyright
Line 3: Dump name
Line 4: Dump type
Line 5: Dump comment (if available) <--

I don't know a specific command to extract the comment, so once you cleared the command window, the information is lost.

Just for Google: I came here to find out how to get the comment which was set in WinDbg using the .dump /ma /c command. SysInternals ProcDump also creates .dmp files with comments.

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