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In the following,

        Image<Hsv, Byte> hsvimg = img.Convert<Hsv, Byte>();           
        Image<Gray, Byte>[] channels = hsvimg.Split();  
        Image<Gray, Byte> imghue = channels[0];         
        Image<Gray, Byte> imgsat = channels[1];
        Image<Gray, Byte> imgval = channels[2];         

        Image<Gray, byte> huefilter = imghue.InRange(new Gray(?), new Gray(?));            
        Image<Gray, byte> satfilter = imghue.InRange(new Gray(?), new Gray(?));
        Image<Gray, byte> valfilter = imgval.InRange(new Gray(?), new Gray(?));

What is the range value of different channel (h, s, v) for different color extraction? Is it 0-255 or 0-128. I want to detect Orange, Black and Sky blue object for an image.

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Can you try something like this for orange

 Image<Gray, byte> huefilter = 
                imghue.InRange(new Gray(Color.Orange.GetHue() - 10), 
                                     new Gray(Color.Orange.GetHue() + 10));   

-10 and +10 is just a guess and could be broad. just play with it and see what works.

for satfilter you can use Color.Orange.GetSaturation()

and for the third one, I'm assuming you can use Color.Orange.GetBrightness()

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Color.Orange.GetHue() returns value from 0-255 , Color.Orange.GetSaturation() returns value from 0-1, I m little confused what img.InRange() range values require... still I can't detect the orange one –  littleBrain May 26 '11 at 8:35
@littleBrain checkout this codefile code.google.com/p/howme/source/browse/trunk/PC_Client/MyRobot/… –  Bala R May 26 '11 at 18:12
Color.Orange.GetSaturation() ... is Color under System.Drawing Namespace? –  littleBrain May 28 '11 at 3:54

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