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I have a code of getting the External Storage Directory of my android device: Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), it returns /mnt/sdcard/ But when I use the files and folders viewer of my android device (samsung galaxy tab), the external storage direcory there is named external_sd which is under the root folder. So to access the sd card, I have to go /Root/external_sd

Strange, how to I fix this? so that when I run the code Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), it will return the /Root/external_sd or fix my directory so when I have to access my sd card using the files and folder viewer, I will access /mnt/sdcard..

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See the answer to this question, I think this will solve your query. stackoverflow.com/questions/4210154/… –  Mudassir May 26 '11 at 3:21

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