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I want to set up a SOA platform to demonstrate the key ingredients of it. Not knowing much about this topic, this seems to be an difficult task. I hope someone can clarify some points for me. I am aware that SOA has no exact definition, but I am trying to get some sense into it.

  1. What are common platforms and development tools? Everything seems to have a little bit SOA in it, but I am searching for the big ones. Something like that?

    • platforms: IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver, RedHat Jboss SOA, HP SOA, systinet software, Microsoft .Net
    • development tools: Eclipse SOA, NetBeans SOA, Visual Studio
  2. What are the key ingredients of a SOA platform? I figured something like this:

    Service Registry, Enterprise Service Bus, BPEL-Engine, Application Server

    Can I mix components from different platforms? I especially don't get the concept of the application server which every platform contains. Is it just an Java EE Environment?

  3. I want to set up an environment for experimenting and demonstration. It should be based on some opensource SOA platform and developed with Eclipse SOA. I want to create a few services (with for example basic math operations), a Registry and a BPEL controlled process. What SOA System is suited best for me? Easy to learn, maybe good tutorials?

Any answer to any question would be awesome and be greatly appreciated.

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1) & 2) See this article and you may understand exactly what it is.

3) it will be a little hard unless you are extremely fast developer/deployer & configurator - I'm talking you work as fast as 10 people for a few months. Why not use existing examples ? Like Google for example

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Theres a difference between a production environment and a experimental environment - setting up an basic experimental environment is usually possible for one person in a few days (or less) - depending on the specific platform and prior knowledge. –  Ophir Yoktan May 26 '11 at 9:45

I would start with Apache Axis/2 and Tomcat for you server environment.

And the splendid SOAPUI utility as your client. Moving on to real Java/C/perl/php/Python/C# or whatever clients as the server side develops more.

Don't bother with the heavyweight commercial servers like until you have a specific need for them as the installation and configuration is usually really tedious and most of their functionality is available from Apache.

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