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I have a HTML/JavaScript project that holds a few dozen anchor tags; each of the anchor tags calls the same JavaScript function, but with a different parameter.

Everything looks good in Firefox and Chrome, but in Internet Explorer (IE) the page seems to reload (flicker) every time I click an anchor tag (like the one shown below). How can I make IE stop reloading/flickering? I would prefer not to rewrite the whole script. I have tried onclcick='javascript... and href='javascript...,but both have the same problem (although onclick seems a little better).

<a onclick='javascript:foo(22)'></a> 
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Try <a onclick='foo(22); return false;'></a>

Also, javascript: is pointless in event attributes as it just defines a label.

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Simpler to use jQuery:

<a href="#" class="action" rel="22"></a>
        return false;
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How is this simpler than the accepted answer? It looks less readable to begin with. – David Maes Jan 22 '15 at 1:50
This is a 4 year old answer and highly irrelevant by now. Two things though, the answers are from roughly the same time, I wouldn't have added it if I saw the answer above. The other thing, inline JS is not great, in general. Some separation is nice to have. The choice of jQuery is questionable though. – Claudiu Feb 3 '15 at 22:21

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