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My NIC driver does not support H/W LRO but emulates LRO in the driver. Now GRO (which is a linux network stack feature) can be disabled using 'ethtool -k ethx gro off'. Is that available for LRO as well? i know most distros have either LRO or GRO. So if LRO is disabled using ethtool does it imply turning off the H/W LRO feature or the LRO emulation feature that i do in my driver?

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For readers: LRO stands for Large receive offload. This is a method to reduce the numbers of interrupts of network cards by fast transmits, but there are known issues with routing or bridging – Tino Feb 4 '15 at 21:02

Yes, if your ethtool is new enough.

On my Ubuntu box (Natty Narwhal), "man ethtool" and "ethtool --help" show that LRO is controlled just like GRO; i.e.

ethtool -K ethX lro off

Run "ethtool --help | grep lro" to see if yours supports it.

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ethtool -k ethx lro off

It should prevent the system from performing lro. However, many of the drivers which still use LRO are broken and do not honor ethtool.

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This is wrong, -k (lower case) shows the settings. Nemo's answers is the proper usage. – Tim Dec 2 '13 at 15:41

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