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We are facing real performance issue with our application since we moved to AnyDac as an alternative to BDE.

The application supports more than one database, so other ones like SQLSrvr and Oracle runs very well, but Informix got real real slow since then. It was predictable that it would get a bit slower because of the ODBC-Driver, but it's so slow that we suspect it could be a configuration issue of AnyDac (ADConnectionDefs.ini).

Did anyone else have such an issue?

Adding more info up to da-soft request

  • We are using anydac version
  • Our Informix ODBC Driver is v3.7
  • Database server is Informix-11
  • The Informix configuration alias is as follows:

FetchOptions.AssignedValues=[evMode, evItems, evCache, evAutoClose, evRecordCountMode, 
                             evCursorKind, evRowsetSize]
FetchOptions.Cache=[fiBlobs, fiMeta]
FormatOptions.AssignedValues=[fvMapRules, fvMaxBcdPrecision, fvMaxBcdScale, fvSE2Null]
ResourceOptions.AssignedValues=[rvMacroCreate, rvMacroExpand, rvParamCreate, rvParamExpand, rvEscapeExpand, rvDirectExecute]
    item SourceDataType = dtBCD TargetDataType = dtDouble end 
    item SourceDataType = dtInt64 TargetDataType = dtDouble end 
    item SourceDataType = dtDateTimeStamp TargetDataType = dtDateTime end 
    item SourceDataType = dtByte TargetDataType = dtInt16 end item end >

The line FetchOptions.RowSetSize=1000 was added to try improve performance but it didn't help.

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I think that AnyDAC forum would be right place for a question - da-soft.com/forums/anydac-general-english.html –  Branko May 26 '11 at 8:09
My experience with AnyDAC is that it has excellent performance, so I was looking for issues with Informix. I found da-soft.com/blogs/anydac-2.0-informix.html . Not much but maybe this can help you. –  Branko May 26 '11 at 8:28
@Branko: Thank you for answering (commenting), we will be asking in the anydac forum, i thought maby anyone had the same issue, if ill get an answer from anydac ill post it here too. –  CloudyMarble May 26 '11 at 13:33
General comment: don't have users connect to your Informix database as user informix; it is a monstrous security liability. I assume you omitted the password for security reasons; there is a password in the real system, isn't there? Connecting as informix is like logging in as root (or System Administrator) at all times. All else apart, it means that the slightest slip can be deadly because the user is all-powerful and can do all sorts of damage without restraint. –  Jonathan Leffler May 28 '11 at 17:26

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  1. This issue was resolved many versions ago (in v 4.0.1, i think). So, if you are not with latest AnyDAC version, then consider to upgrade.
  2. Consider to remove fiMeta from FetchOptions.Items and set different FetchOptions.CursorKind.

PS: In general, to help you with such issues, I will need AnyDAC, Informix server, Informix ODBC driver and Delphi versions. Also, the table DDL and simple test application will help.

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thank you for answering, so i guess i dont have to post this on the dasoft forum, i added the requested information please see my edited question. we are usign Blobs in our application so i guess changes on FetchOptions.Items=[fiBlobs] can not be done am i right? –  CloudyMarble May 27 '11 at 6:39
Normally da-soft team does not monitor SO regularly. So, the specific AnyDAC questions better to ask either on our forum, either send your email directly to support@da-soft.com. Regarding you issue - try to exclude fiBlobs from FetchOptions.Items. Because if your result set has BLOB fields with large values, then AnyDAC will fetch them together with other record fields. Excluding fiBlobs, will defer fetching their values until you will really need them. –  da-soft May 30 '11 at 9:05
Also, more simple way to provide all needed info to our support team is to provide the environment report: da-soft.com/anydac/docu/DBMS_Environment_Reports.html –  da-soft May 30 '11 at 9:35

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