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sendnpc = (npc2alive,Orinpc3,Posnpc3)   
Data = dumps((PosYou,OriYou,Shoot,txtt,Posnpc,Orinpc,npcalive,Posnpc2,Orinpc2,sendnpc))

I'm sending this material to another computer, the problem is when I'm unpacking it.

The unpacking part of the script looks like this:

Data, SRIP = GameLogic.sClient.recvfrom(1024)
UPData = loads(Data)
PosServer = [UPData[0][0],UPData[0][1],UPData[0][2]]
OriServer = [UPData[1][0],UPData[1][1],UPData[1][2]]
Server.KeySens = UPData[2]
Pump1Shoot = UPData[2]
txt1.Text = UPData[3]
text = text + UPData[3]
Posnpc = [UPData[4][0],UPData[4][1],UPData[4][2]]
Orinpc = [UPData[5][0],UPData[5][1],UPData[5][2]]
npcalives = UPData[6]
Posnpc2 = [UPData[7][0],UPData[7][1],UPData[7][2]]
Orinpc2 = [UPData[8][0],UPData[8][1],UPData[8][2]]
npc2alives = UPData[9][0]
Posnpc3 = [UPData[9][1][0],UPData[9][1][1],UPData[9][1][2]]
Orinpc3 = [UPData[9][2][0],UPData[9][2][1],UPData[9][2][2]]

The unpacking part works till I get to the 9th variable from the recived data (that is inside a tuple). The problem is that because I send an tuple nested in another tuple, when I'm unpacking it it looks like this:


Now my question is simple, how can I unpack this correctly?

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Patched it up a bit, hope I didn't change any information :) –  detly May 26 '11 at 6:16

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Nest the LHS tuples.

>>> a, b, (c, d, e) = [1, 2, [3, 4, 5]]
>>> a
>>> b
>>> c
>>> d
>>> e
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I now im being rly nob now, and kinda anoying and all thet stuf, but that answere dinden't make totaly sens for me.. what do LHS stand for? –  eson May 26 '11 at 6:20

I notice that in most cases, the position comes before the orientation. But, in that last tuple, you have the orientation before the position: (npc2alive,Orinpc3,Posnpc3). When you unpack it, you're inadvertantly swapping the two.

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ahh!, some times the brain don't work that well!, that is it! thx for the help!!! –  eson May 26 '11 at 6:31

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