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I have an assembly which contains, among other things, a Messages.resx which contains strings of GUI messages such as Yes, No, OK, Cancel, Open, etc. My project references this assembly. How can I use them?

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In the resource editor just mark the resources as public. By default the access modifier is internal. Then you can use it normally.

If making it public is not an option then use InternalsVisibleTo assembly level attribute.

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Use ResourceManager Class

  // Retrieve the resource.
  ResourceManager rm = new ResourceManager("Messages" ,Assembly.Load(assemblyPath));
  string greeting = rm.GetString("Greeting");

Hope this helps

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apparently this one is referring to .resource files, not .resx It throws an exception saying Messages.resource is not found – Louis Rhys May 26 '11 at 6:46
oops, did you found this(stackoverflow.com/questions/1222519/…)? – Arsen Mkrtchyan May 26 '11 at 9:48
//Get the resource file and read the value of specific resource.
string filename = "Resources.Resource";
if (CultureCode != "en-US")
   filename += "." + CultureCode;
ResourceManager rm = new ResourceManager(filename, this.GetType().Assembly);

var str = rm.GetString(key);
return str;

It's not getting the Resource

I want String regardless of Culture set in the application I am using a resx file

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