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I have shell scripting knowledge. I have written a small shell script which will take a single argument. with the help of that argument.

the file name format is axeA10_<date_time_stamp>_<sequence_number>.DAT my script just takes all the files in the current directory and changes the sequence number. so that i have the files with sequence numbers. the need to write this script is that i dont have the files with the sequence number as some of the sequences are missing.

I know that perl can be more fast in doing this kind of tasks.And so i want to learn the same. Can anyone convert this small shell script to perl.this would really boost my confidence in learning perl.Thanks in advance.Below is the script which works fine.


for i in ${1}*.DAT
if [ $counter -lt 10 ]
new_name=`echo "$i"|awk -vcount=$counter 'BEGIN{FS="_";OFS="_"}{$3=count}{print $1"_"$2"_0"$3".DAT"}'`
new_name=`echo "$i"|awk -vcount=$counter 'BEGIN{FS="_";OFS="_"}{$3=count}{print $0".DAT"}'`
mv $i $new_name

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Please have a go at writing the Perl script yourself and ask specific questions when you get stuck. –  Johnsyweb May 26 '11 at 6:57
Tutorials on perldoc.org –  stema May 26 '11 at 8:29

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"Can anyone convert this small shell script to perl.this would really boost my confidence in learning perl."

How would someone doing this for you boost your confidence? Visit the following URL


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