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How can I get events when the Dock is showing or hiding?

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You can get a notification if the dock is visible or not using Carbon. I do not know of any way to do it in Cocoa.

(I haven't tested this; it's from the code here)

Create your callback method:

#import <Carbon/Carbon.h>

static const EventTypeSpec appEvents[] = {
    { kEventClassApplication, kEventAppSystemUIModeChanged }

OSStatus DockChangedHandler(EventHandlerCallRef inCallRef, EventRef event, void *userData) {
    OSStatus status = eventNotHandledErr;
    switch(GetEventClass(event)) {
        case kEventClassApplication: {
            SystemUIMode *outMode;
            SystemUIOptions *outOptions;
            GetSystemUIMode(outMode, outOptions);
            status = noErr;



    /*Insert whatever you want to do when you're notified of a dock change*/

    return status;

And then put this wherever you want to start listening for the notification:

    InstallApplicationEventHandler(NewEventHandlerUPP(DockChangedHandler), GetEventTypeCount(appEvents), appEvents, 0, NULL);

Further information:

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