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How to Parse string which contain special character like

I ][][came][][][I][][][][Saw][][][][][][I][][][][Won][][][][     

Can anyone please solve it

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Could you give a few sample input / output strings? –  aioobe May 26 '11 at 8:06

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Perhaps you're after something like this:

String str = "I ][][came][][][I][][][][Saw][][][][][][I][][][][Won][][][][";
str = str.replaceAll("[^\\p{Alnum}]+", " ");  // keep alpha-numeric characters.


I came I Saw I Won 
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+1 I was just writing a similar solution, since. –  Boro May 26 '11 at 8:14

Check for ascii values of alphabets and space alone.

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Figure out the unicode codes of your special characters and use these codes to parse the string:

String specialChar = "\u00f1";
String specialString = "En Espa\u00f1ol";
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This is the same as the answer above. But different pattern for regex.

String str = "I ][][came][][][I][][][][Saw][][][][][][I][][][][Won][][][][";

//Search for numeric and alpha characters.
str = str.replaceAll("[^0-9A-Za-z]+", " ");  


+1 for the first answer


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