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I am a new to ASP.NET and am attempting to create a Web Service. The problem i am running into is that when the service Soap definition comes up on the asmx page is displayed, i am getting a node with xsi:nil="true" instead of it's children. I have noticed that whenever I have a type which has a array inside this is happening.

Due to this when I am calling the web service from flex , all the arguments that are shown with xsd:nil on operation description are coming as null.

here is the wsdl operation description :-

Here is the whole wsdl of the service :-

I am receiving null instead of arrays in images,captions and comments in the web service when I am calling the method from flex with slide as an argument.

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Can you please tell me what was the mistake, I am running into similar issue. Thanks in advance! – user801630 Jun 16 '11 at 14:09
The values returned by web service to flex will be non typed , hence make sure that you are typecasting the values to correct type before assigning the values to the value object on flex side – deovrat singh Jun 17 '11 at 14:25

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Apparently I was doing a mistake on flex client while sending the data to web service , there was no problem on web service side

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