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I'd like to send a query to Local Solr. Currently I'm sending this:


As you can see, the query is keyword_text_mv : apple

I'd like to send apple AND orange.

How would I write this? Would the following be ok?

http://localhost:9001/solrfacetsearch/master_Shop/select/?q=keyword_text_mv%3Aapple AND orange&version=2.2&start=0&rows=10&indent=on&qt=geo&lat=52.398&long=4.93653&radius=2000&debugQuery=true

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There are different ways. For example: - use the +apple +orange - or set the default Option with q={!lucene q.op=AND df=keyword_text_mv} ->Follow the link, posted by zeropage, which is helpful -> http://wiki.apache.org/solr/SolrQuerySyntax

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I find it much easier just to use bracket based logical grouping together with boolean statements, in other words your query would turn in to:

keyword_text_mv:(apple AND orange)

however this is a bit weird, not sure something can have two values at the same time? I think you might be looking for:

keyword_text_mv:(apple OR orange)


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If keyword_text_mv is tokenized or multiValued or both then AND is fine in this context. –  David Faber Sep 10 '12 at 22:12

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