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I wrote ShortMessage sent successfully.

Devshock.Protocol.SmppPdu.SmppSubmitSmReq.BodyPdu body = new Devshock.Protocol.SmppPdu.SmppSubmitSmReq.BodyPdu();
body.SourceAddressTon = 1;
body.SourceAddressNpi = 1;
body.SourceAddress = srcNum;
body.DestinationAddressTon = 1;
body.DestinationAddressNpi = 1;
body.DestinationAddress = dstNum;
body.EsmClass = new Devshock.Common.BitBuilder(0);
body.ShortMessage.SetValue(content, Devshock.Protocol.Smpp.SmppDataCoding.Default);
body.RegisteredDelivery = new Devshock.Common.BitBuilder(1);
Devshock.Protocol.SmppPdu.SmppSubmitSmReq SmReq = new Devshock.Protocol.SmppPdu.SmppSubmitSmReq(body);
SmReq.Header.SequenceNumber = moSeq;
Devshock.Protocol.SmppPdu.SmppSubmitSmRes res = client.SubmitSm(SmReq);
return res.Header.CommandStatus;

But they must not know how LongMessage here! Now that the user wants to send LongMessage Devshock how they perform!?

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I have no idea of what you are asking. Please try to explain and rephrase your question –  Oskar Kjellin May 26 '11 at 8:24
I understand that it is difficult to write a question in a language other than your mother language. But that is just a concatenation of English words. They are not even remotely valid sentences. What I want to say: I don't understand a thing... –  Daniel Hilgarth May 26 '11 at 8:57

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He is meaning when sending SMS message which is longer than 160 characters, why his mobile phone doesn't combine some 160-character message to one message. This is a technique in SMS Gateway!

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