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I'm new to iPhone developing.I know that use Objective-C language but I don't know it use Objective-C 1.0 or Objective-C 2.0 on Mac OS Snow leopard.

Advice me please.Thank you.

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Objective-C 2.0. In fact, using current dev tools it is not easy to use 1.0.

TO expand a bit:

O-C 2.0 has such features as

  • properties
  • garbage collection (except on iOS)
  • non fragile instance variables
  • fast enumeration
  • 64 bit support

It's worth it for properties and fast enumeration alone in my opinion.

And I think there is no supported version of iOS that does not support O-C 2.0.

Why would you not use it?

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you should be using objc-2.

it is unusual to use objc-1 for ios development at this point in time.

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