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I'm looking at getting started with simple mobile app development. Corona SDK looks like a pretty nice fit for some of the ideas I'd like to toy with. I'm wondering if it is possible to do real time audio analysis with it? Could I for instance build a simple guitar tuner with Corona?

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Well, the answer is yes. It's right there on the very page that I actually scanned before posting my question. It's also supersimple. I don't even have to write my own FFT. At least for frequency analysis it's as easy as:

freq = recording:getTunerFrequency() 

I don't know about getting access to raw samples and doing your own computations on them though.

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And even more audio API's just exposed the other day: blog.anscamobile.com/2011/07/… –  Jonathan Beebe Jul 28 '11 at 20:57

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