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I have a comment section which is of a certain width. When I post a long URL, this text is overlapping as there is no spaces in between. How to fix this in HTML

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There is no solution in pure HTML. If you can use JavaScript or AJAX, you can convert the URL into a real link and replace the text part with only the first 20-30 characters of the URL: http://some.com/a...

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As far as I know there's no HTML way to do this. Since it's display/design related you can use CSS:

overflow: hidden;

This might work too:

word-wrap: break-word;

Overflow & Word-wrap links.

Edit: overflow: hidden will hide the text that extends beyond the size of its container and word-wrap: break-word should force a break in the word.

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You have a few options. You could amend your comment system server-side so that it automatically puts in a line break if a word is over a certain length.

Or, you could set the CSS style overflow to hidden, scroll, or something like that to prevent the containing DIV of the comment from being stretched - that could do the trick too.

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