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To start sorry for my bad English.

I'm trying to code an application that interacts with VirtualGL. The problem is when i use a simple QProcess to launch the code the fallowing error appears: "Must be connected to a terminal."

Is there a way to simulate the use of the terminal in a Qt application?... Or (better for me) is there a way, like in Ubuntu Update's, show the Terminal output in the same GUI window?

Or should I use another language like Java, python or GTK+?

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I am just guessing that your problem is caused by ssh not attached to a terminal. Use ssh -t parameter to start the virtual gl. Also this question may be helpful. Good luck.

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Hi, thanks for the answer but i'm not sure if it is what i want :S... I have been trying it and this error always appears : ssh: connect to host BodyAsus port 22: Connection refused... I would need a easy (without background work from the user) to run virtual gl. – aliasbody May 26 '11 at 11:12

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