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Trying to use sphinx search in django admin. Installed django-sphinx.

Did as Docs tell:

from djangosphinx.admin import SphinxModelAdmin

class MyAdmin(SphinxModelAdmin):
        index = 'my_index_name' # defaults to Model._meta.db_table
        weights = {'field': 100}

As result I got error global name 'Paginator' is not defined, fixed it, then another one 'list' object has no attribute 'ordered'

Don't know what to do with this.

P.S. Django 1.3 if it matters.

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What happens with your index when you define (and search against) that index in a djangosphinx.SphinxSearch() call? –  yekta Aug 29 '13 at 4:32

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I think may the django version is not satisfied,now the django version is django 1.6.2,or you can use xadmin , which is good

At last,I think it is the django version,I suggest you should update the latest!

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