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Can you recommend me a component or lib for .net which is able to do auto-correct like Microsoft Office Picture manager does?

Or, can you tell me, how does color auto-correct work? What principles are used? Are used sets of effects (like saturation, brightness, contrast etc. ) or there is some "intelligent" algorithms of restoring pixels or something like that?

I know that I sound a bit messy, because I don't know much about this subject, but any information about automated color correction will be useful.

P. S. I apologize for my not so great English.

Thanks for your reply,

I've had problems with ImageMagick binaries, so I've decided to use AForge instead, and it has many useful functions, but I still don't know how to use them to get auto correct results.

I'm familiar with histogram stretching for contrast auto-level, and similar things for each (rgb) color, but I'm not sure is that what software for image processing use for implementing auto-correct.

I'm trying to google this topic, but I'm stuck.

Where can I find more about techniques and algorithms for image auto-correct?

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This question belongs on stackoverflow I believe.

Anyway, ImageMagick is a command-line image tool that can to very many things on an automated basis. Download ImageMagick from http://imagemagick.org/script/download.php and try the script mentioned on this page:


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